About Nuthin Good


zombie-drawings-color-2Zombies run Oakland

Issue One: Trapped. Scared. Disoriented. Four friends lock themselves in the store room of the corner liquor store that mostly sells candy to neighborhood kids. Is this real? Are people really eating each other? Not here? In the hood.

Just on the other side of the freeway, just past downtown, something is happening, something is making people crazy, something is making people feed … feed on each other. 28 pages

Issue Two: Just when they thought they were alone. There’s a call for help. Can Chan make it through the mobs of flesh eating crazies to find her friend? 26 pages

Issue Three: They don’t know what it is. Is it a virus? Is it airborne? Is an infection? Is it curable? Chan, Dee Jay, Dray, and Zee and a new character, Captain Yusef, search to find Dee Jay’s baby brother who has been taken by the med evac team. Will they find him? 32 pages


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