About the Artist

Avy loves Zombies

Avy Jetter’s work exemplifies the words creative soul. She grew up in the seventies and early eighties in the East Bay of Northern California. As a result, her work incorporates older landmark architecture and conveys the gritty urban feel of the poorer neighborhoods of the area.

Avy’s work uses portraiture as a part of the cultural narrative in which story-telling and oral history become paramount to building bridges between generations. Her work seeks to funnel the highs and lows of her life and the distant familial past to explore family relationships and greater universal themes of personal and cultural adaption, transformation, and reconciliation.

Excited by the intersection of different media and what happens at the edges of layered images, Avy’s work is also influenced by the juxtaposition of graffiti and commercial signage, industrial text as well as symbols from popular culture.

You can contact her at storm1sky@yahoo.com.

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